Oatcakes, digestives and porridge – it doesn’t get any better!!

The day arrived and we sweated as we waited to hear if Paul and Rachel would arrive on time to be able to make the bus,train,bus connection to get to us here in the land of nod under the Alps!! Their flight was due to arrive at 5.30pm and the bus they needed to get left outside the terminal at 6.00!1 Not long to collect your luggage and get through passport control, buy the ticket (in Italian of course), find the bright bus, get on without any difficulty and not lose their luggage along the way  …. phew. I had been praying all day that the bus would be late (not an uncommon thing in Italy really!!) and had given Paul the number of our team leader to call if he missed the bus and then  we would put plan B into operation.

Our God is so amazing – the bus was not late at all – the flight was 20minutes early and so they made it onto the bus in time, having negotiated the ticket buying process. The next step was to get off at the correct stop in Torino and find the train station (no they don’t have integrated transport systems in Italy) This they negotiated and found themselves on the train to Pinerolo about 20minutes from us by car.

It was a joy to see them both and to hear that unique accent that wee Paul brings with him 🙂 So after this marathon journey we got them back to the house and the real fun began – the LOOT from Scotland!


Oatcakes….joy of joys

Then there was more ……………………………………..

where's the butter Rosie??

McVities digestive biscuits … at this point our mouths were salivating

And last but definitely not least ……porridge

Of course this was all just the icing on the cake …… the real joy was to have time with dear friends and know the unity that comes through our common bond in Christ.


One thought on “Oatcakes, digestives and porridge – it doesn’t get any better!!

  1. But Matt, the title of your post is a lie;)
    Just like you write at the bottom, oatcakes, digestives and porridge only get better when they are hand-delivered by the people we love!!
    Have a fab time during their visit. We’re thinking of you and Rose.

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