Dancin’ in the streets!

Dancin' in the streets
Dancin' in the streets'

They came from far and wide to dance in the streets of Italy!! From Malaysia, Canada, USA, Mexico, Finland, England – they arrived in Rome and met for the first time and after just 5days they were on the road to Northern Italy and my backyard – Torre Pellice.

They stopped people in their tracks as they danced in the piazzas of Torre Pellice. They displayed their love of the Lord and what He has done in their young lives through the medium of dance.

One lady ( the owner of a local bar) quietly took Rose aside during the one of the dances and said to Rose ‘ I can see a purity in their faces as they dance’ to which Rose replied ‘Yes of course – that is the Spirit of God shining through them’.

Our amazing God used our mistakes and lack of planning to bring us into contact with people we would not have talked with normally – the bar owner, another restaurant owner, a few locals in the bar,… amazing opportunities to share His love with those who don’t know Him yet.


We took opportunties where we got them and even danced outside the best ice cream shop in italy (well that’s what we think anyway!!)



Almost every night we went out and the dancers showed their love for Him and the rest of the team mingled with those who were watching explaining why these folks from all over the world would come to this small out of the way place and dance.


Over 2weeks we went around the Valley and beyond sharing God’s gift with as many as we met and we trust God is blessing this even now. I give thank for this group and know that God will bless each of them and also the work they have been doing.

we had a blast!!

One thought on “Dancin’ in the streets!

  1. Looks like it was fun! And that you and the youth got on well. Bet they loved you guys.
    God bless you,
    Shona and co

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