Italians – Organised – about as organised as a plate of spaghetti!!

I am copying a wonderful blog entry from an Italian friend working here in Italy. This is a must for you to read. After 3years of being in Italy and 2years of working with the Italian churches I was beginning to think I was just not up to the job.However after this wonderfully candid blog I am somehow content that – IT IS NOT ME!!! Italians are as organised as a plate of spaghetti!


Organizing an event in Italy is crazy… You start talking about it months before, but very little is done. Then you’re not sure whether you’ll do it or not until one month before. By the time you should have everything ready, you start to think about the details. Result: in one month you do the work of six months in the best way you can, but leaving the details to improvisation (the best Italian quality). Oh, I forgot to say that we still don’t know who the guest stars will be and the presenter gave up 2 days before the event. Thanks God, we quickly found a substitute, an American missionary :-) .
I know I should be used to this, after all I was born here, but my organized spirit still suffers… :-)  At the same time I’m always in awe to see how disorganized, impulsive, extemporary people can be used by God in a wonderful way for His glory.

In the first place it’s already a miracle that this event will take place. Only 2 years ago this would have been mere fantasy. But the Lord, after many years of prayer, touched the heart of local pastors so that a small group of leaders could meet and start to pray and talk about “doing something together”. Last year we had a Christmas evangelisation campaign with billboards and many events in different churches, now this. I’m used to divided and closed churches, and the simple fact that we’re organizing something together for the growth of God’s kingdom makes me forget all the cultural, organization, material problems we might have.


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