God’s gift of emroidery!

I have often heard the phrase ‘God works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform’ and even have seen some of that in the lives of others. What I have not often seen is obvious examples of it in my own life. I have seen what others might call ‘coincidences’ but which I would now call ‘Godincidences’, however in the recent weeks I have seen just how amazing God is at ’embroidery’!

I have been writing this blog for a couple of years or so and often not as regularly as I would have wanted. I have covered a wide variety subject matter both personal feelings and wider theological thoughts – it really has been just putting some of my thoughts down for myself and others. Often I have had interesting comments – mostly from my friends – but I cannot remember any from people outside of my friends and family. Often I have wondered whether is was actually worth the bother of doing – was anybody really that interested in the mundanity of my life day-to day? However recently I have had a contact from a couple who are in the same age bracket and were challenged by some of my posts to think about whether they should be involved in a similar kind of work when they finish the work they now do. I am not at all sure just how they found their way to the blog nor why it was quite so interesting to them, however I am extremely content that something that I have been inspired to write has been touched by God. The particular post(s) which challenged and inspired them are those which I seriously considered not writing – I wondered whether they would be something people would find interesting to read – even my family and friends!

Here I have the Lord telling me to listen to Him when I have doubts about what I should write. I am now inspired to write more of the challenges and trials of this kind of work as the need for those with a life experience in the mission field is essential. Bringing that kind of experience into the Lord’s work is essential. I am amazed at the way God draws all the threads together to create a beautiful picture.

My life is just one thread in the hands of God and , as a thread I am very aware of my fragile state, He intertwines my thread with those of others and creates His beautiful picture. In the grand scheme of things my thread and the picture He creates is just one tiny corner of a huge panorama with a myriad of beautiful pictures all connected to create the will of God.

God – the Embroiderer!


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