A gift from God :)

This morning I have spent a wonderful morning working in a local centre for adults with physical and learning disabilities. Along with a group of artists we have been working with the students there to create some artwork together over the past 3weeks – although my own part has been restricted to translating and helping out rather than very  much creative!

This morning we had a wonderful time working with dough – what looked and felt like pasta dough in fact, so for the students it was medium which was very culturally familiar 🙂

We rolled the dough, then cut out shapes (basically biscuit/cookie shapes) and then we used a variety of press designs to create images on the dough.

I had a great time and really was blessed to be able to work alongside the artists and the students.

If all that was not enough we then had about an hour where we had a musical jam session with around 12 different instruments (mostly percussion) and we danced and played the instruments together – sometimes in harmony – other times not so much. But is was such fun and this is something I get to do and call it work. It was just such a fun way to connect with the students many of whom have been kind of forgotten by their families and because of the financial crisis in Italy funds for this centre are very limited. So we were able to bring something to them and for 2 hours or so they really had fun – but then so did all of us too.

God has such a lovely way of rewarding us and also of lifting us up when we are under pressure and after a night of troublesome dreams this was just what I needed and I pray also just what the students needed.

The work that this group are doing will also be exhibited in an exhibition in Bobbio Pellice at the end of April and we hope that some of their work will be sold and give some funds to them which will allow them to have some more fun activities in the future.

God is good!!!!!!!!!!!1


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