Well just 24hours away from arriving in Sicilia to work for almost 4 weeks and I wanted to share some of my thoughts and challenges with you.
First thought – Sicilia – amazing beautiful Sicilia!!:) What a place to be able to go and do the work that we love doing! It is definitely work – don’t get me wrong – no vacation here:)
But working in an environment which is so beautiful and amazing in terms of history and culture is just such an enormous privilege and I thank God for this opportunity and also those of you who support us that we are able to have enough funds to do this work.

Then there is – breaking new ground!! Yes here Rose and I will be breaking new ground in many ways – it will be the first time we have been on an outreach in this part of Italy and it will the first time the community we are going to have received a team from outside Italy and also the first connection they have had with OM as far as we know!
This time we spend in Sicilia will be full of new opportunities as Rose and I will visit 4 different communities to share the challenge to mission and the work of OM. Most of these communities have never received any visits from OM Italia as we have never had the opportunity to go this far south before. We will share at 2 youth camp where they will be focussing on missionand how it it is relevant to them in this generation. The challenge here is that we will be travelling without our own transport and it will be around 38-42C as we work. The physical stamina required for thsi is getting to be a challenge as we mature but something which we still believe God want us to take on as we know that in His strength we are strong not in our own as so when we have accomplished this we will give Him the glory.
One of the other challenges is that we are trying to do as much of the communication in Italian – including preaching and presenting. not easy and something which may not happen depending on the circumstances. However it is a challenge that we are sure God wants us to face and we are trusting Him for His guidance (maybe even for the gift of tongues.

The last, but certainly not the least, joy is that of being near to the sea for a few weeks. We miss the sea even when we love the mountains where we are and so God’s gift of being at least near to the sea for these weeks is such a blessing and we praise Him that He kows the desires of our heart.


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