More about Sicily – as promised

Well it seems like such a long time ago but it was only August! Since then Rose and I have been back to Scotland and done some fun stuff but also had a lot things to deal with – flat, health etc…. but I would like to say share some more about the time God gave us in Sicily especially about our time with His people in Castelvetrano.

It was a joy to work with this small group of believers who had so much love to share with us. We were so warmly welcomed and we could not have had a better group of people to  work alongside.

Despite never having done any evangelism as a community they gave everything of their time and effort to be part of what we were called to do.

As we worked on the beach they were there whenever their work allowed them to be and as the week progressed they became more able to be in beside the team as we shared. By the middle of the time they were making plans for what they would like to do next in outreach as they saw that there was nothing magical about evangelism but just a sharing of who we are in Christ with those around us even those we do not know.

Especially we were thankful to have Vincenzo and Tina who were our cooks and guides for the time we had there. The Lord used there gifts and their willingness to bless us. We had wonderful times of sharing and it can truly be said that the team received as much from the church community as they gave to them. We were blessed with enthusiasm and encouragment and as I look back now after having had time to stop I can see how God was working in all our lives as we came together initially as strangers but at the end as brothers and sisters in the family of God.

We had our struggles and our failures but as we gave it all to God we saw Him use it for the glory of His son.

I am happy to have been part of this work with our brothers and sisters in Casetlvetrano – a small community but full of riches which will bring blessing to their community.


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