The Good Life – or maybe not??

2 whole weeks of the bachelor life – freedom to watch what you want on the TV, eat what you want, wear what you want, go out most nights of the week etc etc – I should be just getting into the swing of it you would think.

Those of us who live in married bliss don’t often get the opportunity to return to this kind of life – if we ever actually lived it anyway!! So you would expect that such ‘sweet liberty’ would be something to relish and enjoy while it lasts.

Well you would be wrong!! 2 weeks of wondering what I need to make for lunch/dinner, forgetting to take things out the freezer the night before and having pasta pesto for another day, wondering how you distinguish between dark and light and white washloads, remembering to make sure you have enough loo roll in the house – and not to mention the sleepless nights!!



The naked truth is without the other half which the Lord gave us we walk lopsided and fall over every now and again. Such ‘liberty’ is an apparition which fades over the days and nights of loneliness. Oh it is great to have the guys around for a beer and not worry too much that you haven’t cleaned the kitchen floor or the dishes  etc but that doesn’t make up for the sense of not being quite complete in yourself.

It becomes clear that as God made woman from our rib it means that particular woman is like a missing part for us and we are continually searching for something and mostly we don’t really know what until we stop and feel the space for a moment.

The space hurts when there is nobody to share the day with (even if we men are not so good at that bit mostly), nobody to share the pain or the joys with, but just an empty space in your heart.



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