Happiness is a Rosie!!

The bachelor life (if that was what is was) is about to end. Rosie is on her way 🙂

The end of all kinds of things which I will not be unhappy to say goodbye to like –

looking in the fridge and trying to figure out what can be made from what I see before me

opening the freezer and trying to make sense of all the frozen packages which look exactly the same

wondering whether it is worth gong to bed as I know I am not going to sleep any time soon

thinking about visiting the chocolate factory (mmm!!) but not going cos I have no idea what is a bargain and what is not

having dinner with friends on  my own

not to mention spending my birthday with friends but feeling strangely lopsided without my Rosie

etc etc etc

I am feeling happy that Rosie will be back in the Valley where so many miss her and ask where she is. Many are concerned for her health and are praying for her. It will be a short time back in the Valley and it will pass very quickly as we return to Edinburgh mid-December and will spend the first Christmas there for a few years which will be lovely to be with our families and our church family also.

I have been loved and cared for by all our friends in the Valley and feel that although this has been adifficult time it has been a time where the Lord has really shown us how to lean on Him and not try to work things out ourselves. It is not an experience I recommend but it is one which I am glad that I have gone through.

The one huge bonus in Rosie coming back is – her see smiley face which brightens up life wherever she goes.


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