Meals on wheels.

Having returned to Scotland for Rosie to go through hip replacement surgery we did not envisage that she would be coming back home from the hospital on crutches. This was due to a problem with the size of the replacement part of the new hip which apparently come in sizes – ‘just like shoes’ the surgeon said!! Unfortunately Rosie was in between sizes and they had to remove the part which was slightly to large when they fitted it. The removal was done by cracking the femur bone! Traumatic stuff for Rosie who was in surgery for 3hours instead of the usual one and a half.
Rose being Rose she has surmounted this hurdle and was completing most of the physio she had been assigned by the 2nd day after the op. She suffered much discomfort due to seriously low blood pressure and vomitting (in reaction to painkillers we think) but despite this she returned home from the hospital – on crutches – this week. crutchesThe added issue of navigating the house with crutches while having a joint which has just ben operated on and is in danger of dislocation from any untoward movement is not easy to deal with and presents Rose with both physical and emotional challenges of being immobilized in many ways. Rose continues to address the challenge and is navigating her way around like a F! driver – although not quite so hastily!!

In all of this she has also to cpoe with the nursing (!!??) skills that I have and limited cookery skills. As if having an op and a fractured femur were not enough!!
Into all this we are being blessed by the provision of meals each day for the moment from the angels of Bellevue Chapel. (
meals on wheelsEach day we get a wonderful evening meal delivered to us so that the challenge of coming up with edible interesting food is not so much of a challenge to me.

Such is the wonder of loving brothers and sisters in Christ for whom we are so grateful.


2 thoughts on “Meals on wheels.

  1. Sounds as if you’ve had an action-packed few weeks! That’s good the operation is out the way – hope the rest of Rose’s recovery goes smoothly.

    1. Thanks for your good wishes. As you will see from the new post (hopefully finished today) the recovery is going not badly and we are learning lessons about ourselves and the Lord all the time 🙂

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