Encouragements and challenges

challengeWell after several weeks of Rose returning from hospital and starting her recuperation we have seen the Lord bring us much encouragement in the midst of great challenges.

Some the challenges have been small, some big however they have all been opportunities for our faith in our God to grow and mature. There was the initial challenge of just how Rose would be able to get in and out of bed, how far she would be able walk, whether she would waste away from not being able to eat my cooking etc etc.

From my point of view the challenges were less daunting but nevertheless challenges – would I be able to change the obligatory ‘socks’ every day for Rose in order for her not to develop blood clotssocks, how good are my housekeeping skills (well I d need a bit more training to be honest), these and the other personal help for Rose.

I can honestly say that up until now the greatest challenge has actually been the development of patience. This has never really been a gift that either Rose nor I have had in any kind of abundance and especially when relating to ourselves. The Lord has given us abundant grace as He has shown us how much we need to develop this gift and indeed He has given us many opportunities.

Using the typical NHS crutch had left Rosie with badly damaged tendons in her left hand as well as severe swelling and so we have been in a quest for alternatives which proved longer than expected. From a few phone calls to physiotherapy at the wonderfuljubilee Jubilee Hospital Clydebank who immediately faxed the physio department in Edinburgh to supply new ergonomic crutches only to find that here in Edinburgh Rose would first of all need to have an appointment to be assessed (despite the assessment already being made by the hospital!!), then if she was deemed suitable they would order them for her and then she cold collect them — a process which looked like it would take at least 10days if not more. On calling the Jubilee Hospital back they offered to give them to Rose the same day if she was able to come through to Clydebank (4-5hour round trip). Well with an offer like that you don’t want to refuse and so after some praying we were blessed by the compassion and availability of a brother from our fellowship who offered to come and collect Rose and make the journey through that day :). Such blessing among such challenge!

The other big challenge was being able to keep Rose supplied with good food and we again have been blessed by the sisters in the church doing their meals on wheels for just over 1 week. Such a blessing to us and also taught us ONCE again that we need to bring things to Him in prayer and He WILL supply ALL our needs.

Challenges are the crucible in which our faith is refined and we don’t like the process as much as we cherish the results.crucible


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