Back to our harvest field :)

Well here we go again – returning to the harvest field! It has been a long but short time here in Scotland. Long in a good way I can say – plenty of time to be able to meet people and not have to crush it all in to a few short weeks, but long in sense that I have begun to miss the things of Italy and the fellowship we left behind.

It is a strange place to be – in limbo – straddled between one bank of the river and the other not quite sure which one your are in sometimes. limboI have enjoyed the meetings and visits I have had with Italians who have come to be with us during this time. the joy of talking and expressing in my adopted tongue but also the pride of sharing my home land and culture with them first hand.

Of course this time has been so good in the sense that there have been very few times when I did not know what was being discussed around me – although there were a few moments when I thought I was in another country as I tried to listen to some of my fellow countrymen and got a bit lost – now that was a strange feeling!!language misunderstanding

Another aspect which has been challenging is the whole experience of city life after living for so long in an isolated rural setting. It has been so enjoyable that if I want to go to see a movie I have an almost infinite choice, or if I want to eat out (which doesn’t happen too often!!) I have a wide variety of cuisines and price ranges to choose from here in Edinburgh – the BIG city.



ants However there have been a variety of moments when I have felt like stopping and screaming for those around me to just slow down, stop getting so uptight about petty little things and indeed there have been moments when I have felt like another of the ants just scuttling around in a frenzy without even thinking about what is happening around me or why I am doing this or buying that! These were moments when I longed for the solitude and pedestrian (literally) pace of Torre Pellice. When I longed to here the sound of cowbells as I ate my lunch or see the sheep birthing their lambs without any help from anyone – nature in the raw you might say.lamb birthing

To live in our own home after almost 4years of being out of it was initially somewhat strange and took some time to adjust to doing but gradually it has become more of a home again rather than a flat for rent. However the challenge has not to begin the almost natural process of nesting the home and inevitably having the pain of reversing this process as we prepare to return to our other home. Now we are getting ready for the road again and it is once again exciting and challenging and emotional and like beginning all over again in some ways – although it is obviously not completely like that however it does bring some of the emotions which we encountered when we first left these shores and that makes leaving painful and emotional.

The difference this time is that we know where we are going to be, who we are going to be with and we have fellowship and love awaiting us. So we are happy to leave while we are also sad to leave:( Such is the challenge of following the Lord wherever He will lead us. The joy is that if we follow Him then we are always in the best place in order to mature into the likeness of the One we follow – Christ Jesus the Risen Saviour of all humankind.

risen Christ


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