I belang tae Glesga

Spending a day in my home town – beautiful Glasgow. The City of culture (many years ago!!) and soon to be the city of the Commonwealth Games 2014. For those of my friends who have no clue what ‘Commonwealth Games’ are – basically they are the last vestiges of the British Empire as compete in a mini Olympic type competition but where the nation states of the United Kingdom get to compete under their own banner.

Glasgow – to many people not usually described as a beautiful city but to me it will always be beautiful! Not that it has stunning bays – like Naples. Or amazing panoramas – like Edinburgh. Or even amazing churches – like Florence. What it does have is an electrical atmosphere – even on a horrible ‘dreich’ Scottish April day like today. It has a something which is quite unattainable by any other city I have visited. The only place which comes close (so far at least) is Naples. A slightly edgy sort of feeling and yet although it is edgy – it is also very comfortable to be in. It has a style all of its own. Out of it have been born some of the greatest artists (musical and otherwise), comedians (Billy Connolly, Rikki Fulton, Harry Lauder, Chic Murray etc etc), rock bands, fashion designers, etc. It has a character which is ‘inyerface’ as they say here – which roughly translated means it will not get out of your way.

I love just being in it and walking around and hearing the many street singers, seeing the amazingly ‘out there’ fashion that adorns the streets. I remember Rod Stewart’s song Maggie May which has the line it ‘you wear it well’ and it sums up my home town – no matter what they choose to wear – purple hair, fluorescent green shoes, – the Glaswegian wears it well.

I miss my city when I go back to it – and just ocassionally when I am away it calls to me from afar. Glasgow is in my soul and I love the place.


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