On the road again – well more accurately – on the train again:)

We returned to Italy at the end of April and have been out of our home for 3 of the 5weekends since we returned. I was almost born in a train as my father, grandfather and many of my uncles all worked for British Rail for most of my young life. I went everywhere it seemed on trains. So I enjoy travelling by train and, despite what most of my Italian colleagues and friends say to me when I tell them that Rose and I travel around Italy by train, I find the system here is really extremely efficient for the most part.

In the 70’s the Ferrovia dello Stato (State Railways) got a very bad reputation as they had a habit of calling the workers out on strike and often people would turn up for the train only to be faced with the sign ‘SCIOPERO’ – (STRIKE) and usually no alternative transport available. This time of strikes did not help the public face of trains in Italy and especially damaged the tourist trade. I can only give a good recommendation for them now. Of course often the trains can be old (unless you want to pay big bucks for the Freccie

Stazione ferroviara di Albisola Superiore, Lig...
Stazione ferroviara di Albisola Superiore, Liguria, Italy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

– trains Fast trains) but mostly they are clean and they get you where you want to go at the time you need to be there.

So as Rose and I set off on a 4hour journey to get to Albisola (Liguria) this weekend we pray that this good service will follow us and we look forward to the day when we can afford to travel by Frecciarossa.


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