Men needed!

I have been challenged lately of the lack of men in the church of Christ. You might think ‘well how can that be – is the church today not still a male dominated structure?’ Good point – but one which I will not debate just now.

What I have been thinking of is more that, in the body of the church in general (certainly in Western countries) the majority of those who are active and present in the church of Christ  are woman. Men are significant by their absence! Or they are significant for their scarcity.

This does reflect somewhat the role in society in a certain sense. I can hear many of my friends who take a feminist view of society saying “but men are still in control of most of the power structures in society, including the church”

However if we look at society we find that we have many thousands of mothers and children who have no contact with fathers/husbands! The men are absent in their primary role in society. We have children (and especially boys) growing up with the absence of any male role models.

So this is why I would say we have a mirror of society in the church. Men are absent or if not absent feminised in the nature of the church. God is calling men to step up and be men in the church. This does not mean those who are domineering over the women in the church – but those who are the living sacrificial lives as leaders modelling themselves on Jesus. Not ‘gentle Jesus meek and mild’ – but Jesus who stood in the gap as the men wanted to stone the adulteress (but not the adulterer!!), who would not have listened to the witness of women when they said Jesus was resurrected. Women were essential to the early church and they were held in respect by the men whom Jesus had called.

So here is the message of this blog – and I believe also the message God has for us as guys – get up out of your seat and take your place . That place is to be servant/leaders – in your marriage – in your families – in your churches – in your communities. Show Christ in how you are as men.

He is looking for men to stand in the gap – and gap is between Christ and the lost.

He (Jesus) stands in the gap – between us and hell. He is asking us to stand in the gap for those that we know are heading for hell. This is the reality of our lives. Without Him we are heading for an eternity without the presence of God. An eternal life without God – which is an eternal hell.

Not a popular thing to say – but as far as I can read – it is what the Bible tells  me. Without salvation in Christ we are all headed for eternal hell. I – as a man – have an opportunity to stand in the gap for my family, my friends, my work colleagues, – I need to step up and let the Spirit enter my life fully and speak in my actions and words to those around me. Just like Christ did.

So for all my male friends reading this – step up and let Him take your life and use it for the Kingdom. For those who do not know Him as Saviour yet – NOW is the time to step up and let Him make you into the man He would have you be in Him.

I know this may seem a bit of a heavy blog compared to many that I have written before – but some things just need to be said.

the gap


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