Who am I?

Good question!!!

I am a complex, sometimes complicated and messy follower of the Lord Jesus. I am a part of the Glaswegian diaspora now living in Italy – previously annexed in Edinburgh for 22years. I love football, food(mostly Italian but not just!) wine (almost entirely Italian – didn’t know there was another type really!!) and deep philosophical conversations exploring the question at the top of this page -Who am I?.

When the Lord woke me up and I agreed to follow Him 22years ago I could not have known what He had in store for me. But now I am here in Italy with Rose, my wife After spendi g 6 or so years in Piemonte we ha e relocated to Genova to share God’s light in a dark area of Genova.

We can be contacted at

Salita Brasile 23/43



email-   matt@intersports.org




– manduriamatt/manduriarosie

Local rate call – (0131) 2086167


6 thoughts on “Who am I?

    1. thanks Shona – I thought it was pretty good. Glad you like it.We hope the move has gone well.

    1. Ciao Mark long time no hear! I have seen your photos on FB – great to see the kids growing. Have you been receiving our newsletter? If not let me know. My apologies if you have not got anything from us for a while – I had a few virus probs with my pc and kind of lost some things.
      Anyway lovely to hear from you and give Alex and the girls a huge hug from Rose and I.

  1. God works in mysterious ways….my name is Lauren Cosentino and I am joining OM in the spring for the OM Arts School of Missions in Italy. I look forward to reading more and beginning this journey along side of the team….what a blessing this is!

    1. Ciao Lauren great to hear from you and we look forward to working with you. What kind of artist are you?

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